The EU financed campaign EU Natural Europe

European gastronomy is a journey in flavors, a great exploration into the world of the European golden extra virgin olive oil and the refreshing juices from Cyprus, paired with the unique natural sweetness of European canned peaches from Greece. These Mediterranean culinary treasures represent the rich heritage and traditions of the region, where special techniques and pristine natural resources managed to create some of the finest gourmet experiences. From the sun-drenched orchards of Cyprus and Greece to the golden olive groves from Cyprus, Europe invites you to discover a delicious world full in flavors and aromas, with the guarantee of the superior quality and food safety of Europe.

In this frame, the EU financed campaign Natural Europe, with the participation of the organizations of Panagrotikos Farmers Union from Cyprus and Delcof S.A from Greece aims to promote the delicious European extra virgin olive oil and juices from Cyprus and the sweet canned peaches from Greece to consumers in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Philippines in an constant effort to increase the awareness regarding the superior European Quality and to make them to add these products to their daily diet.
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