The NATURAL EUROPE program project is a multi programe under the 2019 Call for Proposals for the promotion of agricultural products according to Regulation (EU) 1144/2014.

The program joins together 2 proposing organizations from Greece (Delcof S.A.) and Cyprus (Panagrotikos Farmers Union). The promoted products are European processed agricultural products (Canned Peach (Greece) and Fruit Juices and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cyprus)). The promoted target area is South and South East Asia (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Philippines).


The NATURAL EUROPE program provides a set of activities that all partners are familiarized with. These activities are:

  • Website and social media
  • Advertising
  • Communication tools
  • Events
  • Promotion at Points of Sales

These objectives will be achieved focusing on the following two levels:

  • Increase the competitiveness and consumption of Union`s certain agricultural products and to raise their profile outside the Union;
  • Increase Union's value of exports and generate new exports to the five markets;


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