DELCOF S.A. is acting as the Hellenic Canned Fruit Industry Network, since its members represent the majority of the Greek canned fruits industries. It was established in 1999 as the innovating quality lab providing the Greek Fruit canning industry with scientific quality control and chemical analyses.

Under its current form DELCOF S.A. was established in 2007 as the result of the merging with NEW VERMIO (a trade S.A) having as a mission to facilitate exports of their members to new international markets as well as to provide comprehensive scientific, laboratory and quality analysis related to its member’s canned products.

According to its statue DELCOF S.A. has the following objectives:

  • The preparation and processing of fresh fruit, vegetables, plants, etc. in every possible form (canned, juice, drying, freezing, etc.)
  • The trade (wholesale and retail) in Greece and abroad of the above products
  • The research and technology development
  • The purchase and sale of food and beverages
  • The promotion of the interests of its members through actions, campaigns and other activities in national and international level.

DELCOF S.A's has 19 registered members, legal entities, all related to the fruit and canned fruit industry. One (1) natural person, twelve (12) processed fruit industries and suppliers of the industry five (5) Cooperatives and producers organizations.

Additionally in DELCOF S.A participates as full member the GREEK CANNERS ASSOCIATION (E.K.E.), the national trade association, member of PROFEL (the European Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processors).

Active and main members of DELCOF S.A. are the followings:

  1. Greek Canners Association
  2. Pavlides Group
  3. Conex S.A.
  4. Alexander S.A
  5. Union of Agricultural Cooperatives ALMME
  6. Agricultural Cooperative VENUS
  7. Agricultural Cooperative of Pella
  8. Kronos S.A.
  9. Danais S.A.
  11. Apostolou Konstantinos
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